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Israel Military Launches Ground Operation In The Gaza Strip

Israel resumed air strikes in the Gaza Strip nearly six hours after the deal to an Egyptian proposed truce that failed to halt the attack by Hamas. According to an Israeli military source, Hamas has fired 50 rockets since the Israelis suspended their strikes in Gaza.

But the Izz el-Deen al-Qassam, Hamas’s armed wing brigadier rejects of the ceasefire claimed by Israel. Moussa Abu Marzouk, a top Hamas official said that the movement which is seeking a deal that would ease border restrictions imposed by both Egypt and Israel, had made no final decision on the proposal. A Palestinian civilian was killed in an air strike in khan Younis, raising the death toll in the Gaza strip in the past nine days fighting to 190, including at least 155 civilians, among them 30 children, according to Gaza medical officials. Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu whose security cabinet voted 6-2 to accept the truce told that Israel will respond strongly if Hamas will continue to fly rockets.

Although the Prime Minister and defense minister have ordered the Israeli armed forces to take powerful action against terrorist attack in Gaza. Israelis have found a new way to learn of imminent rocket attacks in the Gaza strip in the form of mobile phone app. Hamas militants have fired more than 1000 rockets from Gaza at Israeli cities in the past days of conflict. The military wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for sending a number of drones into Israel describing this event as one of the surprises it had promised over the last week and saying the drones had been dispatched on special mission. Despite growing international calls for a ceasefire, Israel continued its air offensive in Gaza and meanwhile rockets continued to fly into the Israeli cities causing harm to their civilians.

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