Missing breakfast may increase the risk of heart attack

Many researchers have found that skipping breakfast or taking a very light breakfast is not good for health and causes an increase in the risk of heart attack. In fact, studies say, out of total calorie intake by the body, the largest share should be from breakfast, i.e. breakfast should be heavier than the other meals of the day.

Skipping breakfast regularly causes blockage in the arteries which in turn increases the risk of heart attacks. Skipping breakfast is not a problem, but what one eats after skipping breakfast is where the problem lies. Research shows that those people who skip breakfast are the ones who get trapped in the problem of over-eating and undesired eating. Nearly three- fourth percentage of breakfast-skippers showed a plaque build-up and narrowing of the arteries.

Research also found out that those people who do breakfast daily have a good food choice as compared to the breakfast skippers. Those skipping breakfasts are more prone to consuming alcohol, smoke regularly and eat unhealthy foods in an undesirable amount.

A representative of the Dietitians Association of Australia, Dietitian Natasha Murray said that a major proportion of Australians, especially adolescents who regularly skip breakfast eat unhealthy combinations of food whereas regular ones have a disciplined and healthy combination of food. She suggested that a toast with avocado is good combination diet for those who are running late in the morning as it is a quick and easy breakfast.

High blood pressure, increase in cholesterol level and obesity are also caused due to missing breakfast on a regular basis.

JIT Mukherjii
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