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Obama Says Hats off To Three Americans For Subduing A Gunman On A Fast Train

Three Americans have becomes stars overnight for subduing an armed ‘gunman’ on a high speed train in Northern region of France. The train was travelling from Amsterdam to Paris, when the gunman open fired, which wounded two passengers, before the trio overpowered them. When the Thalys train was crossing Belgium, the attack took place. The […]

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Revenues Drop in All Major Nigerian Telcos

The availability of multiple applications like BBM, Skype, WhatsApp are eating up the revenues of major Nigerian Telecommunication companies. With the budding apps, calling and short message services have taken the back seat and as a result, the telecommunication companies are facing a massive loss of revenue. A recent report has revealed that majority of […]


Sebastican Coe Wants No Doping In Athletics

Sebastian Coe has been elected as the president of International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) on Wednesday. Winning by a ballot vote of 115 to 92 in the 50th Congress of the governing body, he was looking very happy and enthusiastic after the victory. He defeated Sergey Bubka of Ukraine. Lord Coe himself is a […]