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A.Raja Arrested By the CBI

India’s former telecom minister A. Raja has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the 2G spectrum scam which rocked the nation last November. He was arrested by the CBI authorities as investigations are going against him. The Federal agency arrested not only the Minister, but also his personal secretary RK Chandolia and Siddharth Behuria.

Incidentally, Behuria was the telecom secretary when Raja was the Minister in charge of the department. Raja was arrested when he went to the CBI headquarters for further interrogation in the morning. The minister came from DMK, a political party in Tamilnadu district. He was forced to resign from the government after there was a nationwide protest against the largest ever scam in the history of independent India.

He was indulged in the corruption regarding giving away of 2G licenses to corporate India, flouting all government norms. His baseless giving away of licenses cost the government exchequer a sum of $40 billion. Citing the arrest, the Congress leadership has stated that it is a proof that the law is taking its own course.

Political analysts are saying that whether the arrest will have any impact on the Congress-SMK alliance in Tamilnadu. But brushing all rumors, Congress leaders has stated that their alliance will remain intact in Tamilnadu in the coming Assembly polls.

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2 Replies to “A.Raja Arrested By the CBI

  1. Now Congress would come out to show Obligation done on country by them on A Raja’s arrest. This alliance proved ” LETHAL “ for India. People of India is frustrated by Congress + DMK alliance loot of the country, feels no shame to dump poor citizens and plays “ DALIT CARD ” for cover-up. For UPA-2 Coalition Dharma [ keep the eyes closed and let the loot go on ] is much higher than Raj Dharma. Expand TIHAR, for the Looters of India. How much does the BLACK MONEY stacked abroad includes the ” CUTS ” from 2g scam? Hearty Congratulations to S Swamy, Citizens, SC and Alert Media. Thank You to make ” POSSIBLE the IMPOSSIBLE “.

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