Amber Rose Kisses At Bet Awards : Is She Engaged?

Amber Rose stole the limelight at the BET awards ceremony tonight when she openly smooched and kissed her man Whiz Khalifa. Amber Rose wore a brown body suit at the awards function and her body curves were openly getting displayed at the show.

The two walked the green carpet together and started smooching in front of the cameras. Whiz Khalifa came to accept the award for Best New Artist. While accepting the award, he said that he did not have the habit of winning and hence does not have any speech to deliver tonight. He thanked everybody at the Rostrum Records and all those who helped to promote him.

The entertainment world has heard a lot of rumors about who is cheating between the two? Is it Amber Rose or her man? But the open kissing and smooching together in front of the camera have proved all to be wrong. The question that is going round is Amber Rose engaged to him? Are they going to get married? If yes, then when?


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