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BlackBerry Playbook Price In India Is Around Rs 27,000

Tech users in India will be delighted to know the fact that Blackberry Playbook is going to be launched here on June 23rd. the excitement has reached to such a level that many people are searching over the web to know the blackberry Playbook price in India.

As per the information with this website, blackberry playbook price in India at around Rs 27,000 in the Indian market. Along with the gadget, the user will get a free leather case and a HDMI cable. Hearing the news of the launch, Blackberry fans are visibly excited to get this playbook tablet computer.

The makers of this blackberry playbook are Research Motion. They have started the pre-registration procedure. As per information released by the company, they are going to set up blackberry experience zones in different parts of the country.

To buy the product, a person will have to first do the pre-registration and accordingly, he will be given a token. Once the product comes to the tore, he will be intimated by the company and he can get his product delivered from the nearest blackberry store by showing the pre-registration token.

This 7 inches wide Blackberry tablet has got a capacitive multi touch input, along with dual core 1 GHz processor plus dedicated graphics. Moreover it has incorporated 1GB RAM with the option of 16, 32 or 64 GB of onboard storage. There is no expandable-memory slot in this device.


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