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Land Cruiser 200 Gets Safety Sense P

land cruiserToyota, the Japanese automotive giant Toyota took the initiative to redesign Land Cruiser 200 with Toyota’s Safety Sense P. Post remodeling, Toyota has claimed Land Cruiser as one of its kind of vehicle that comes with active safety package.

According to the company, the Toyota Safety Sense P is a better version as compared to Toyota Safety Sense C package, which was introduced earlier in other Toyota vehicles. The specifications of Safety Sense P are way better than Safety Sense C.

Toyota Safety Sense P is specially designed with Pre-Collision system. This system comes with pedestrian detection, using single lens camera and millimeter wave radar in order to keep a tract of the pedestrian. The millimeter wave radar is often utilized by the radar Cruise control to check the preceding vehicles and their speed limit, which helps in adjusting the speed of this vehicle. Again, to prevent collision, Safety Sense P sends out audio and visual alert whenever required, apart from brake assistance. When the vehicle is being operated between 10 to 80 km/hour, users can also make use of the automated brake operations.

The driver can also check the surface of the road ahead to keep the driving in control, with the special safety feature to check under-the-floor view. Furthermore, Toyota Safety Sense P is geared up with Lane Departure Alert, which is used to find the lane markings in yellow and white. The Automatic High Beam helps in checking the road conditions during nighttime. The feature of new Land Cruiser 200 is built for safe driving.

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