Legendary Honor For The Legend Alex Fergusson

He was the most successful coach of Manchester United; mostly after the most successful 1500 games the most popular Alex Ferguson has announced his retirement plans. He has started his career over 26 years and has retired as manager with 13 premier league titles and 20 Champions league until his decision to retire on the last visit at West Bromwich Albion. This Scott gentleman feels privileged to be a part of the most successful teams of world arena. In the FIFA WORLD CUP he was able to bring a drastic transformation in the game plan and the players’ motivation. At 71 he is honored for his enormous contribution in Manchester United incredible winning spree.

He wished to retire like a legend after winning the last game of his final guide to the team. He has built the strategies and created game plans for the players. He admits that his zeal and confidence runs through his veins and he is proud to configure the teams’ performance as the opponent is also stronger. So he had formulated a plan dare bare to win the final match and bids farewell to the club forever. One of the inherent changes was of Anders Lindergaard after Fergusson’s commitment to award him a medal if he wins the match. Moreover he will also make the young players like Jonny Evans and Phil Jones to play at the centre half for their brighter future aspirations and successful career whereas Nermania and Rio will have to be placed outside. His contribution and achievements will remain unparallel in the football history.


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